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 Our Story

“Hello and thanks for stopping by!”

We opened Frankiberri in 2012 with a great deal of excitement and desire to provide the best frozen yogurt dishes to the Ashburn, Sterling, Chantilly and Leesburg area. We are family owned and run business, not a franchise, and that means that every fruitful, candy rich frozen yogurt dish that you have with us was made with care and dedication.

Our store is located in The Shops at Moorefields Village in Ashburn, Virginia and it has been built to give you and your loved ones a fun place to meet, chat, surf the internet, play on our Ipads, have a birthday party, and even close a business deal with the best ingredients, flavor combinations, and service possible!

We look forward to learning your favorite frozen yogurt flavors and the toppings that make you happy from the inside out. Come on by and spend a wonderful time with us!

Your friends – Frankiberri Premium Frozen Yogurt



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  • Fun and delicious Frozen Yogurt for everyone!


    All Natural Fruit Flavor

    These natural frozen yogurt fruit blends will knock your socks off! Literally! –Well, if you are at the store try to keep them on. We wouldn´t want to overwhelm the other customers. ;)!

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    Non Fat Perfection

    Any day and everyday is a GOOD day to become more health conscious. Try our range of non fat frozen yogurt delights with rich, nutty, and delectable toppings and we are sure that you will love to eat a healthier diet.

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    High Energy Delights

    Uggh! What a dog day… I need a Frankiberri frozen yogurt pick me up.  Just thinking about that cool, fresh froyo with all those M&M´s candy toppings mixed with strawberries, mmmm. I got go — see ya there!

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    Special Offers all the time!

    We are always celebrating our customers and dreaming up new ways so that you can have your favorite Frankiberri frozen yogurt and save as well.

    This month we would really like you enjoy time here with your friends. Bring some friends and get 5 ounces of FREE frozen yogurt!


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  • What people say about us

    • This is nice and quiet. My children love this place because it is clean.  They have iPads your kids could play on. They have a whole selection where you can put candy on...

    • I have been coming to this place since it opened great flavors, clean, and the toppings are always fresh. I have been coming to this place since it opened great flavors, clean, and...

    • Love their frozen yogurt!  It’s probably the best fro-yo in Ashburn.  Very clean and nice location and very friendly staff.  Definitely a must go to place for fro-yo!

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    Love Toppings? Well, we got just what YOU need!


    Fresh Fruit Toppings

    Sourced from local markets and growers we strive to have high quality, fresh fruit toppings ready for your next frozen yogurt invention!

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    Fun Candy Toppings

    Whether you have a little sweet tooth or a BIG sweet tooth we got you covered! Butterfinger´s, Snicker´s, Nerds, and all types of Gummy Bears just to name a few.  Don´t worry, you don´t have to run. We have plenty for you and all your Facebook friends!  ;)

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    You got your frozen yogurt, now the toppings… Go mad and mix and match whatever YOU like! This is your special treat.  This is your healthy fun food.  This is your smile on a spoon! This great combination is from Marcy M. who uploaded the pic to Yelp Reviews. Thanks Marci!

    Mix and Match

    You got your frozen yogurt, now the toppings… go mad, and mix and match whatever YOU like! This is your special treat.  This is your healthy fun food.  This is your smile on a spoon! This great combination came from our customer Marcy M. who uploaded the pic to Yelp.  Thanks Marci!

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    Doing a local fundraiser and want to earn more?

    Frankiberri believes in giving back to the local Ashburn, Sterlilng, Chantilly, and Leesburg communities.  We stand strong in our belief to bring happiest to everyone who experiences the deliciousness and benefits of frozen yogurt at Frankiberri´s. Smiles are our goal both inside and outside our store.  Learn more about our programs.